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Hello, I’m Ellen!

I’m a graphic designer based in the heart of Kent, with a huge love for simple design, less is always more! I work with small business owners & entrepreneurs to tell their story through timeless and distinctive branding.

I’ve always been creative and I feel so privileged to be doing something I truly enjoy. But what I love most about my job, is helping others create a visual identity that ticks every box, so they too can succeed in pursuing their own passion. Bringing my client’s ideas to life through design is incredibly rewarding.



But who am I really?


I originally began my career in the banking industry, many moons ago. There were plenty of aspects in my job that I loved, especially maintaining great relationships with my regular clients. However, there wasn’t much room to exercise my creativity and I always felt there was something missing.

I’d always been intrigued by visual communication and decided to take the plunge, head back to university and study Graphic Design. During my studies I was introduced to various areas of design to pursue, but I fell in love with branding and design for print. I’d always dreamt of being my own boss and creating a life I loved, cliché I know! But once I graduated, I launched my own design business, Melon & Ink and I haven’t looked back since!

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The Random Facts...

Fact #1

I am obsessed with chocolate hobnobs! They’re my absolute favourite ever and they go down a treat with a cuppa tea!
I can eat a whole pack in one sitting and I’m not even ashamed!

Fact #2

I can probably quote every single line in the hit series, Friends. “I’ll be there for you…” It’s definitely my go-to series and I imagine I’ve watched it each episode through at least 10 times.

Fact #3

I have to be wearing matching socks... I’m not that person who can mix and match, my OCD kicks in way too quickly. Plus, I wear socks all the time, it’s an everyday struggle!



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