Branding I’m loving this month…

This post might seem a little out of sorts, how can a designer feature another creative’s work on their platform, illogical right? Well… I’m going to challenge that mindset!

After launching Melon + Ink on Instagram back in July 2018, I found myself engaging with not only potential clients, but other talented brand designers who I am inspired by on a daily basis. In my mind the idea of “competition” has a negative tone, each designer has their own style, their own niche and their own cohesive brand. We’re all different in our own way, but what brings us together is our creativity, cheering each other on to succeed and our supportive online community.

So this month, I’ve decided to shout about some other incredibly talented designers and their beautiful work, who I’ve discovered all thanks to Instagram. Even though social media can be a difficult place to grow, I love that I’ve connected with so many like-minded creatives! 

Here goes…


01. Jessica & Co

Designed by @hellogingercreative. I’m swooning over this composition. The simple sans-serif and minimal illustration is perfectly balanced. Plus, the colour palette and brand elements Susannah has put together are just beautiful. I’m all about the simple and timeless branding, and this visual identity ticks every box for me!


02. Bloom Floral

Designed by @januarymade. I love all things illustrative, but hand drawn florals are a definite favourite!
This concept is clean, tasteful and most importantly distinctive. I love how every element fits together so seamlessly, you cannot fault anything about the design (not that you’d want to of course!) It’s definitely inspired me to work on my own illustration skills too, maybe I should purchase a drawing tablet after all!

Bloom+Floral 2.png
Hollow & Ridge.png

03. Hollow & Ridge

Designed by @curiousandco. I’m a sucker for all things packaging related (as well as minimalist design, obvs!) But let’s just appreciate how beautiful this design is for a moment, anyone else in love? Using a hand drawn approach, Terry and Brooke have created something truly organic and distinctive. Everything from the logo composition to the carefully selected coloured bottles is idyllic. It’s the perfect example of “less is more”. On another note, where can I get my hands on this product? I need it!


04. Sophia's Taqueria

Designed by @novemberdesignstudio. I’m loving this colour palette, did someone say summer? Marisa has created a truly distinctive identity by manipulating a typeface to create a unique brand mark. Personal projects are a fab way to identify your creative style and experiment with design projects you’re eager to work on. This identity also includes other elements to compliment the visual language, icons and print collateral! What’s not to love?


05. Lime & Ivy

Designed by @jendavisdesign. I love the simplicity of this design, but mostly I’m inspired by the minimal use of colour. Jen used only three colours that perfectly compliment the soft and relaxed tone of this brand (plus it’s all green, my fav!). Not only am I swooning over the minimalist design, but the down-to-earth concept behind the project. We could all do with being a bit more sustainable to help our planet and this project is exactly that, 100% sustainably-grown cotton socks, sleepwear, and undergarments. Great work!


06. A Branch of Holly

Designed by @lemonandbirch. No inspiration blog post would be complete without Meg’s work - fan girl alert! She prides herself on thoughtful and whimsical branding and this project was no exception. I’m loving everything about this visual identity, from the inspiring colour palette to the brand elements and beautifully illustrated pattern. I wish I could create such distinctive illustrations. Practice makes progress, I should definitely invest in a drawing tablet, maybe an iPad Pro!


07. Spiritual Gifts

Designed by Last but definitely not least! We all know a touch of gold can up level any brand, but this combination of gold foil and deep purple creates a strong sense of luxury. The clean lines and beautiful pattern work seamlessly with the serif monogram. Han also designed a beautiful set of simple styled icons and I’m in awe! Another project that highlights how simple design can be strong and striking.


As seven is my lucky number, that’s a wrap for today! I hope this post has inspired you to cheer on your “competition” and support their work rather than making comparisons or challenging those in the same field as you. Social media can be a very difficult place for our self esteem, regardless of the industry we’re in or how established we might be. Instead of focusing on the negatives, use the tools we’re given and create an encouraging and supportive community that inspires you and your work ethic!

Until next time…

Ellen x